Oleh Sytnik

Contact info:

LinkedIn: @oleh-sytnik
Telegram: @olehsytnik
E-mail: oleh.sytnik@gmail.com
GitHub: sytnik


Obtaining the position of Senior .NET Developer.


I'm a .NET developer and mentor with a proficient level of English and experience from Classic ASP to .NET 7 and Blazor, enjoy learning modern techs and making great products better. Currently doing my best at TEAM International, parallelly helping my students at the Beetroot Academy to start their path with .NET and developing an important educational system at Kharkiv Aviation Institute.
I'm a fast learner and team player, a person with persistence and responsibility, bringing every task to its logical end. I have good communication skills and a lot of passion to bring all my experience to the project.
At the moment I'm also busy with improving my skills on Udemy , producing useful coding podcasts on YouTube. and studying in graduate school.
Oleh Sytnik

English: EF SET English Certificate 77/100 (C2 Proficient)

German: Intermediate (relevant certificate attached below)

Technical skills:

Skill Proficiency

C#/.NET: OOP, SOLID, TPL, PLINQ, MVC, Web API, SqlClient and SqlBulkCopy, architecture and patterns, N-Tier & KISS follower

Above Average

.NET Framework: experience with Web Forms


.NET (Core): experience with Core 2.2 - .NET 7, Web API & Microservices, Blazor Server and WebAssembly


Database: relational, T-SQL, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL


ORM: Entity Framework (Core), Dapper, EFCore.BulkExtensions, Z.EntityFramework, Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql


FrontEnd: HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, SASS, jQuery, MaterializeCSS, slimselectjs, datatables.net, DropzoneJS


Packages: AutoMapper, MudBlazor, OAuth 2.0 with Google and EWS, NPOI (Excel)

Above Average

Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes (K8S)

Below Average

Cloud services: Azure, AWS

Below Average

Platforms: ELK (Elasticsearch and Logstash configuration)


Bundling: Node.js, Webpack, Grunt


Deployment: Windows Server, IIS, troubleshooting, SecOps, OWASP guidelines, DDOS mitigation, system administration


Software: Rider, Visual Studio, ReSharper, Git, SSMS, Sourcetree, Navicat, MySQL Workbench

Above Average

Personal skills:

  • Teamwork & effective communication: experience working both in a big international team with coworkers in Denmark and India on the production project and Ukrainian educational institution on the side-project
  • Mentorship: participated twice in Top Gun Lab .NET Course as a mentor, have conducted twice the .NET IT-course in Beetroot Academy and have started streaming the advanced content on the .NET/C# on the YouTube.
  • Dependability & ambition: have a career path starting from the Trainee to Strong Middle .NET Developer at TEAM International and from part-time Assistant to Lead Engineer at KHAI.
  • Time management: able to efficiently prioritize and resolve tasks alongside with educational and mentoring activities in the after-work time and active lifestyle.
  • Willingness to learn: starting the career with skills just in small .NET apps production and system administration, in 5 years have gained an amount of experience with enterprise application development, Web Forms, MVC, .NET Core, and Blazor, consistently improving both technical and soft skills.


TEAM International

  • February 2020 - present - .NET Developer
    ASP.NET Web Forms Microsoft SQL Server ASP.NET Web API jQuery Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
  • February 2019 - February 2020 - Junior .NET Developer
    Microsoft SQL Server Mentoring .NET Core / .NET 6.0 C# .NET Framework
  • August 2018 - February 2019 - .NET Trainee
    Elastic Stack (ELK) Oracle SQL Developer ASP.NET Web Forms HTML Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Beetroot Academy

  • September 2022 - present - .NET Mentor
    Mentoring Code Review ASP.NET Web API C# .NET Framework

Kharkiv Aviation Institute

  • March 2020 - present - Lead Engineer at the Public Relations Department
    .NET 7 Entity Framework Blazor Server JetBrains Rider MudBlazor
  • March 2018 - March 2020 - Engineer of the first category at the Centre of Educational services
    Moodle Windows Server .NET Core System Administration Bootstrap
  • September 2013 - March 2018 - Senior Assistant at the Centre of Educational services
    WPF Development Microsoft Office ASP.NET MVC Adobe Illustrator Windows Forms


  • 2012 - 2016., Kharkiv Aviation Institute, Economics and Management Faculty, specialty “Software Engineering”, bachelor's degree, Bachelor`s Thesis on: “Software of subsystem for test development and result checking”
  • 2016 - 2018., Kharkiv Aviation Institute, Economics and Management Faculty, specialty “Software Engineering”, master`s degree, Master`s Thesis on: “Method of adaptive control of students' knowledge”
  • 2022 - present., Kharkiv Aviation Institute, Economics and Management Faculty, specialty “Project Management”, master`s degree
  • 2023 - present., Kharkiv Aviation Institute, Economics and Management Faculty, specialty “Software Engineering”, PhD

Personal interests:

  • Sport: gym, skiing, snorkeling, traveling to new countries
  • Hardware experiments & consistent improving of the work setup
  • Macro photography
  • Educational youtube streaming


Top Gun Lab


Top Gun Lab